Monday, March 4, 2024
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The M.Sc. Programmes are conducted under the Credit and Semester System (CSS) and the programmes are

The selection to the M.Sc. Programmes will be based on the marks in B.Sc. examination, Entrance test and the Interview.

Fees: 1st semester Course Fee Rs.3318/- Exam Fee Rs.325/-
2nd semester Course Fee Rs.900/- Exam Fee Rs.325/-
3rd semester Course Fee Rs.2568/- Exam Fee Rs.225/-
4th semester Course Fee Rs.900/- Exam Fee Rs.475/-
TOTAL Rs. Course Fee Rs.7686/- Exam Fee Rs.1350/-

M.Phil.(Discontinued from 2021 onwards)

The M.Phil. programme is conducted in Bioscience (seats -10) and the selection will be based on the marks in M.Sc. examination, Entrance test and Interview.

1st semester – Course Fee Rs.5800/- & Exam Fee Rs.775/-
2nd semester – Course Fee Rs.800/- & Exam Fee Rs.425/-


The SBS is having Ph.D. programmes in the areas of Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiology and Physiology. Currently the Department is having a total of 30 full time researchers and 19 part time researchers. The interested and qualified candidates are suggested to visit the web site of the Faculty members for more details about the ongoing research programmes and contact them for the available position for the Ph.D programme.