Area of Expertise: My expertise is in Ecology. I am an interdisciplinary biologist with an M Sc in Botany and Ph D in Soil Ecology (Department of Geobotany, Dnipropetrovsk National University, Ukraine (USSR Academy of Science). My Ph D work was on the role of plant roots in the build-up of soil physical structure, which I explored using soil micromorphological and SEM techniques. Currently, my group of researchers in the School of Bioscience (Laboratory of Plant Science and Ecology; Laboratory of Ecology and Ecotechnology) focus on Ecotechnology; the ecology of algae, mycorrhizal and other endophytic fungi and metal accumulating plants of contaminated soils to use algae as a bioresource for fuel, food and phycoremediation; Mycorrhiza as a means to understand the ecology of soil fertility and as a bio-fertiliser tool; plants as a tool of Phytoremediation.

Research Team

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Mr Abju K Arun

Ecology of endomycorrhizae in Zingiber officinale Rosc in South India


Ms Sayona Anna John

Ecology of endomycorrhiza and other endophytic fungal associates in Oryza sativa L. of South India


Mr Jebin Joseph

Ecology of soil algae of Rubber plantations of Kerala


Ms Sreejamol TN

Ecology of endomycorrhiza in Cocos nucifera L.


Mr Nirmal Philip George

Ecology of endomycorrhiza of vegetable crops in diverse organic and chemicalised fields of South India


Ms Rositta Varghese

Ecology of Endomycorrhizal Association in Piper nigrum L.


Mrs Theja Joseph

Phycoremediation of eutrophic waters using selected indigenous green algal species of Kerala