Awards, invited talks & Seminars

Recognitions/Major Achievement



Name of the Award /Achievement received

Award Agency



Dr A. Abraham Gold Medal for 1st Rank in M Sc Botany

Kerala University



USSR Government Scholarship for doing Ph D in Soil Ecology

on Deputation

Ministry of HRD, Govt of India



Prometeo Academic Fellowship of for collaborative Research

with Professors from Ecuador

Prometeo Project, Government of Ecuador



Invited Lecture on the environment at Graduate School of

Global Environment Studies for students and teachers

Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan



Invitation for Project Evaluation from the DST of Mexico

Department of Science and Technology, Govt of Mexico



Indo-UK (DST-UKIERI) Partnership Project to collaborate

with Swansea University UK

DST of India and UKIERI from the United Kingdom


Invited lectures at National/International Conference/ Seminar (in the last ten years)

Invited Lecture on: “Eutrophication as an opportunity for the utilisation of algal resources for rural development” at the International Symposium on Coastal Agriculture (ISCA Webinar):

“Transforming Coastal Zone for Sustainable Food and Income Security” organised in virtual mode during 16th – 19th March 2021(Certificate from the ISCA committee)

Invited Lecture on: “Microalgae, the third-generation Biofuel Resource” on May 21 at 3 PM in the ‘International Webinar Series on Current Trends in Molecular Life sciences’, held from 20th to May 31 2021, organised by School of Biosciences and Research Forum in association with IQAC Mar Athanasios College for Advanced Studies Tiruvalla (Certificate from the MACFAST)

Invited Lecture on ‘Research Methodology’ in a Seminar on ‘Research Methodology’, organised by MES College, Erumely (Certificate from the College)

Invited Lecture on ‘Bioprospecting for Ecotechnological Development’, National Conference on Lower Plants, organised by Department of Botany, KKTM Government college, Kodungallore (Certificate from the College)

Invited Lecture on ‘Bioprospecting of Green Microalgal Resources of Bloomed Waters of Kerala’ at the National Conference on ‘Bioprospecting of Algae, organised by Department of Botany, at Central University of Kasaragod

Invited Inaugural Lecture on ‘Basic Characteristics of Scientific Inquiry’ (on September 20 2019), organised for school students at ‘The School Science Fest’, BMM Senior Secondary School, Pothenpuram, Pampady (Certificate from the School)

Invited Lecture on ‘Environment of Kerala’ to Japanese Students from Sophia University, Tokyo, at Assumption College, Changanacherry

Invited Lecture on ‘Wetlands Sustains Life’ on 30/01/2019 at the KSCSTE sponsored ‘World Wetland Day Celebrations’ 2019, organised by NSS Hindu College, Changanacherry

Invited Lecture on ‘Bioprospecting of Microalgae for Biofuels’ on 02/03/2019 at the National Seminar on ‘Plant Sciences: Current Challenges and Perspectives’ March 1-2-2019, organised by NSS Hindu College, Changanacherry (Certificate of presentation and duty certificate dated 2/3/19)

Invited Lecture on ‘Wetlands Sustains Life’ on 07/02/2019 at the KSCSTE sponsored ‘World Wetland Day Celebrations’ 2019, organised by Dept of Biotechnology, CMS College, Kottayam (Duty certificate dated 7/2/19)

Resource Person for a workshop on ‘Research Methodology’, conducted by Mahatma Gandhi University for teachers of affiliated colleges and University Departments on 10-12-2018 (Intimation letter from Director, College Development Council, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam)

Invited Inaugural Lecture on ‘Algal wealth of Kerala’ at the inaugural meeting of the KSCSTE sponsored Phytotechnology Laboratory at Catholicate College, Pathanamthitta

Invited Lecture on ‘Gender, Environment and Sustainable Development in the International Conference organised by Assumption Autonomous College, Changanacherry from 1st and 2nd November 2018 (Certificate from the College)

Invited International Lectures for Researchers and Faculties on ‘Water Environment of Kerala’ at Institute for Studies of the Global Environment, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan on 30/05/2018 (Thanks letter from Sophia University, dated 30/05/2018

Invited Inaugural Lecture at ‘Project Inauguration and Environment Day Celebration’ on June 5 2018, at Sacred Heart HSS, Changanacherry (Letter of intimation)

Invited Lecture on ‘Research Capacity Building for Prospective Bioresearchers’ in the International Seminar organised by Department of Zoology, KE College, Mannanam from 20th and 21st December 2017 (Certificate from the College)

Invited Lecture in ‘Radio Mangalam 91.2’ on March 22 World Water Day on Water Conservation (Certificate from Radio Mangalam 91.2)

Resource Person for the training of teachers in ‘Critical Thinking and Research Culture’ for teachers at Nirmala College of Pharmacy, in a ‘Faculty Development Programme’ programme organised in the campus from 1st to December 2 2017 (Certificate from the College)

Invited Lecture on ‘Research Methodology’ in the International Seminar for Faculty Improvement Programme in Pharmacy Education, organised by College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Govt. Medical College, Kottayam on May 25 2017 (Certificate from the College)

Invited Lecture on ‘Soil fertility and Soil Physical Properties in the International meeting and workshop on building perspective and capacity to measure climate change impacts due to changes in Agricultural Practices from October 31 to November 4, 2017, at Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh (Certificate from the Conference Secretary)

Invited Lecture on ‘Bioprospecting of the Algal Wealth of Kerala’ in a National Seminar on ‘Biodiversity of microbes and climate change mitigation’, from 3-5 February 2016 organised by the Department of Botany, Catholicate College, Pathanamthitta (Certificate from the College)

Invited Lecture on ‘Wetland, Nature’s Soldiers to combat climate change’ in a KSCSTE sponsored Popular Science Lecture on Wetlands, organised by the Department of Botany, SVR NSS College, Vazhoor, Kottayam on February 1 2017 (Certificate dated 1/2/17)

Invited Lecture on Research Motivation in a College Seminar on ‘Research, Motivation and Methodology’ held on February 3, 2017, at St Thomas College, Kozencherry (Duty Certificate dated 3/2/17)

Invited Lecture on ‘Algae as the technology base for the potential fuel, feed and food stock for future’ in a National Conference on ‘New perspectives in Bioscience’ organised by Mother Teresa Women University and Sr Adi Chunchanagiri Women’s College, Cumbum, Tamil Nadu from 5th -6th October 2015 (Certificate from the College)

Invited Chairman of a Technical Session on Life Science at the 25th Swadeshi Science Congress held at University of Sanskrit, Kalady from 16-18 December 2015 (duty certificate issued on 17/12/2015)
Inaugural Lecture in a UGC sponsored National Conference on ‘Beneficial Fungi with special reference to Mushroom Cultivation…” held on 5/12/14 at Nirmala College, Muvattupuzha (Certificate from the College dated 5/12/14)

Invited Keynote Address in the Seminar on ‘Cryptogams – the hidden mystery’ organised by the Department of Botany, KE College, Mannanam on December 2 2014 (Certificate from the College dated 1/12/14)

Invited Lecture on ‘Research Methodology’ Writing’ in a State level workshop on ‘Research Methodology and Knowledge Enhancement’ organised by Regional Cancer Centre at Trivandrum from 28-29 April 2014

Invited Lecture on ‘Biofuel from Algae – Emerging Ecotechnology to combat energy crisis in a National Seminar organised by Department of Botany, St Alberts College, Ernakulam from 5-6 February 2015 (Certificate issued by the College)

Invited Lecture in a KSCSTE sponsored ‘National Science Day Celebration Meeting-2014’ at St Aloysius College, Edathua on 24/02/2014 (Invitation letter dated 10/02/14)

Invited Lecture in a UGC sponsored National Seminar ‘Biodiversity Conservation and Eco-Restoration’ on ‘Phytoremediation – an emerging Phytotechnology for Ecorestoration’ organised by the Department of Botany, BCM College for Women on 26-07-2013 (Certificate from the College)

Invited Lecture on ‘Critical Thinking’ in a seminar ‘11th Gurusmarana Lecture’, organised on January 27 2014, at St Berchmans College, Changanacherry (Invitation Letter)

Invited Lecture in a UGC sponsored National Conference ‘Natural Resources Management: A key to sustainability organised by the Department of Botany, Assumption College, Changanacherry on 5-6 December 2013 (Certificate from the College)

Invited Inaugural Lecture at the ‘New Academic Session of the Bioscience Courses’ on October 11 2012, at MACFAST, Thiruvalla

Invited Lecture on ‘Soil Ecology and Phytoremediation’ for ‘Refresher Course in Environment Science for teachers’ organised by the UGC-Academic Staff College, the University of Kerala on 03/10/12 (Letter of invitation from the Academic Staff College dated 25/09/2012)

Invited Lecture on ‘Hazards of Plastics’ as part of World Environment Day celebrations at Alphonsa College, Pala on June 9 2011 (Duty certificate from the College)

Invited Lecture at the International Conference on ‘The green path to sustainability: Prospects and Challenges, at Assumption College, Changanacherry on July 8 2010

International/National Seminars and Workshops Organized

Convener, International Indo-Japanese Interactive-Workshop on ‘Global Environmental Sustainability September 13, 2019, at School of Biosciences by Graduate School of Global Environment Studies, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan and School of Biosciences, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala.

Convener, International Indo-Japanese Workshop on ‘Sustainable Water Resources’ to be held between 2 & 3rd November 2018 at School of Biosciences, supported by the ERUDITE Scheme of the Kerala State Higher Education Council (Certificate)

Convener, Collaborative National Seminar on Ecotechnological Perspectives for Sustainable Development, 27-28 July 2017 at School of Biosciences

Convener Publication, International Conference on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development, 10-13 August 2006 at St Berchmans College, Changanacherry

Convener, Organizing Committee, National Workshop on Computer-Aided Statistical Workshop at two stages: Stage-1 (14-16 August 2008) and Stage-2 (4-6 Sept 2008)

General Convener, Organizing Committee, National Workshop on Computer-Aided Statistical Data Analysis, 11-13 Jan. 2001

Convener of the two-day National Seminar on ‘Ecotechnological Perspectives for Sustainable Development’ sponsored by KSCSTE, Kerala Academy of Sciences and Kerala Biodiversity Board, held on 27th and 28th July 2017 at School of Biosciences, Mahatma Gandhi University (Certificate issued by the committee)

Participation in International/ National/ State/ University Seminars/ Training/ Workshops in the last 10 years

Participated in a discussion meeting on ‘State Level Flood Impact Assessment Report’ organised by the Kerala Biodiversity Board at KSCSTE Hall, Thiruvananthapuram on 17/01/2019 (Duty certificate dated 17/01/19)

Training on Structural Data Interpretation, conducted by School of Biosciences, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala (Certificate dated 15/03/2019)

Attended the ‘Group Monitoring Workshop of the SRS Projects’ organised by the KSCSTE at Sasthra Bhavan, Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram on February 28 2017 (Duty certificate dated 28/02/17)

Participated in ‘National Science Day Celebration’ organised by the Kerala Academy of Sciences, Thiruvananthapuram on 28/02/2017 at KSCSTE, Sasthrabhavan, Thiruvananthapuram (Certificated dated 28/02/17)

KSCSTE meeting of Strengthening Education and Research in Basic Sciences in Kerala organised by the Srinivasa Ramanujan Institute for Basic Sciences (SRIBS) on August 23 2013 (Duty certificate dated 23/08/2013)

International Symposium on Forest Typology and Criteria of Evaluation of Forest Resources, Dniepropetrovsk State University, Ukraine, October, 21-25 1991

Russian National Conference on the status of plant resources in East Europe, Ulyanovsk, Russia, Feb. 11-14, 1992

International Symposium on Farmland Erosion in Temperate Plains and Hills, Saint Cloud, Paris, France, 25-29 May 1992

International Conference on Soil compaction and soil management, Tallin, Estonia, 8-12 June 1992.

All Soviet Conference on Steppe Investigations in Memory of the Centenary Celebrations of V V Dokuchaev’s Pioneer Research in Steppes, Abakan, Khakhasi State, Central Siberia, Russia, August 4-6, 1992

Eurosol European Conference on Integrated Research for soil and sediment protection, MECC, Maastricht, The Netherlands, 6-12 September 1992

Frontiers of the 21st Century – Kerala Biodiversity and appraisal for the New Millennium, organised by the UNEP, Hotel Renaissance, Palarivattom, Cochin, Kerala, October 22 1999.