1. Dr Aniamma Thomas: Comparative study of the root and other biochemical characteristics towards salinity tolerance in two high-yielding varieties of rice
  2. Dr Jithesh Krishnan: Investigation on Hydrobiology and water quality Parameters of Periyar Lake, Thekkady, Kerala
  3. Dr N Valsalakumar: Endomycorrhizal studies in Phaseolus aureus: green gram
  4. Dr Jojo George: Roadside Vegetation in Relation to heavy metal contamination in Kottayam District, Kerala.
  5. Dr K J George: Studies on metal ion absorption (calcium and mercury) by certain members of Poaceae and the cation exchange capacity of their roots.
  6. Dr Binoy T Thomas: Ecology of Soil Algae of Pathanamthitta District
  7. Dr Dhanya Vijayan: Ecology of Soil Algae of Kuttanadu Wetlands
  8. Dr Soumya Soman: Phyto-synthesis of metal nanoparticles and the in-vitro study of their antioxidant properties
  9. Dr Santhoshkumar K. Chemical characterisation of Bio-oils and their biomass productivity of common freshwater green algae of Kerala
  10. Dr Anitha Jose: Mercury contamination in people and environment from Dentistry
  11. Dr Nidheesh KS: Ecology of Endomycorrhiza in Banana
  12. Dr Chandana Chandrasekhar: Heavy metal accumulation and the biochemical responses in selected medicinal plants
  13. Dr Deepthi Sujith: Algal and Fungal Associates of Velamen roots in Orchids
  14. Dr Prasanthkumar S: Nutraceuticals from green algae of bloomed water bodies of Kerala