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Ph.D. Supervision



Name of Ph.D. Scholar

Title of the thesis

Degree awarded /Thesis Submitted with month and year

Details of University order

Supervisor / Co-supervisor


Dr. Mathews V Varghese

Protective efficacy of omega-3-fatty acid against arsenic trioxide (an anti-leukemic agent) induced toxicity 17/03/2015 EB X/PhD/208/2015 P.D. Hills dated 17/03/2015 Supervisor


Dr. Abhilash M


Studies on the effect of artificial sweetener aspartame on liver and brain 13/05/2015 EB X/PhD/209/2015 dated 13/05/2015 Supervisor


Dr. Sauganth Paul


Cardiovascular and hepatic implications of monosodium glutamate (food flavor enhancer) exposure: ameliorative efficacy of α- tocopherol 02/11/2015 EB X/PhD/ 213/ 2015 PD Hills dated 02/11/2015 Supervisor


Dr. Manju Alex

Protective effect of astaxanthin on ethylene glycol induced nephrolithiasis 23/09/2016 EB X/ PhD/ 221/ 2016 PD Hills dated 23/09/2016 Supervisor


Dr. Vineetha R C

Evaluation of cytoprotective role of selected vitamins on arsenic toxicity 06/09/2018 EB X/PhD/ 241/ 2018 PD Hills dated 06/09/2018 Supervisor


Dr. Abhilash S

Efficacy of docosahexaenoic Acid against arsenic trioxide induced cardiotoxicity and hepatotoxicity 15/06/2019 EB X/PhD/ 250/ 2019 PD Hills dated 15/06/2019 Supervisor


D r. Binu P Alterations in electrophysiological and molecular mechanisms related to myocardial conduction under chemotherapeutic stress 27/08/2019 EB X/PhD/ 252/ 2019 PD Hills dated 27/08/2019 Supervisor


Mrs. Arathi. P


Evaluation of the effect of Bisphenol S on major endocrine organs and it’s affinity towards estrogen receptor Submitted Supervisor

MPhil Degree under supervision-10

MSc Dissertations under supervision – 18