Research team

  1. Allelopathic effects of Wedelia trilobata Shahena S
  2. Production of rhamnetin from in vitro cultures of Vernonia anthelmintica (L.) Willd. (Fa.Asteraceae)- Submitted- Maya Rajan
  3. Production of bioactive compounds from in vitro cultures of Justicia gendarussa burm.F –Vinaya Chandran
  4. Study of anticancer and immunomodulatory potential of lesser known fruits and tubers- Emi Mathew (part time)
  5. Immunomodulatory effect of Creacive protein reducing drugs –Jyothishna Dasan– (part time)
  6. In vitro culture and extatraction of bioactive molecules from plants belonging to Aristolachiaceae and Menispermaceae- Ajitha D (part time)