1. TEMP/E – 1/32902/2018- CHE was entitled as “Antitumor and antimicrobial efficacy of bioconjugate of silver nanoparticles produced by endophyte isolated from Withania somnifera (L.)”.
  2. TEMP/E1/43789/2019- CHE entitled as Chitosan nanoparticles extracted from Penaeus monodon as a bio fertilizer and defence elicitor in rice.
  3. TEMP/E1/43791/2019- CHE–Development of a bacterial insecticide against Banana Pseudostem weevil.
  4. TEMP/E1/43799/2019- CHE–1 Qualitative assay for the detection of dihydroquercetin production from Penicillium setosum sp. Nov.