PhD Programme Guided -Alumni

1.Dr Annie J Mathew : Invitro culture and secondary metabolite production in Scopariadulcis linn.2009
2.Dr Elizabeth Cherian :Microbial degradation of natural rubber latex and its application in the treatment of latex centrifugation effluent.2010
3.DrSeba George : Microbial production of biosurfactants 2012
4.Dr Joseph Job :Beta glucosidase production from Paelomycesvariotti through solid state fermentation 2012
5.DrAmith Abraham :Evaluation of antagonistic potential of a bacterial endo-symbiont against Phytophthorameadii causing abnormal leaf fall disease of rubber(Haveabrasiliensis) 2014
6.Dr SajudeenP.A :A study on Pamba river pollution and its treatment strategies 2015
7.Dr.Dhanya .V :Microbial consortia development for the biodegradation of mixed organic compound.2016
8.Dr.Merlin Antony :Acyl homoserine lactone based quorum sensing and its biotechnological applications.2017
9.Sheetal Sivankutty :Acetyl homoserine lactone based quorum sensing in gram negative bacterial 2019
10.Mohammed Ashiq S:Microbial degradation of aniline and its application in the biological treatment of industrial effluents.2019
11.Anoop.M : Metabolite Profiling in the microbial degradation of phenol 2019
12.Indu M Nair : Squalene cyclises from endophytes of selected medicinal plants 2020
13.Rakhiemol :Nanoparticlesfor improved plant growth and secondary Metabolite production 2021